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Word Meaning Activity Cards Grade 5 Common Core RL.5.4 & RL.5.4

Word Meaning Activity Cards Grade 5 Common Core RL.5.4 & RL.5.4

Word Meaning Activity Cards Grade 5 Common Core RL.5.4 & RL.5.4

Great resource!

Looking forward to using these for test prep!


This is specially aligned to the Common Core Standards and the needs of fifth grade students! This collection of 30 word meaning activity cards covers similes, metaphors, personification, idioms, context clues, hyperbole, prefixes, suffixes, word choice, and etymology(word origins). These activity cards TEACH and REVIEW these topics. Questions are asked using multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

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This is EXTREMELY useful because Common Core does not want students to define similes, metaphors, etc. Common Core wants students to analyze how each is used in text and the effect words have on meaning. These activity cards teach and review to assist students in mastering this standard. This is helpful because students can review these cards without any additional assistance.


Possible Uses:

**Give a boxed set of word meaning cards to each guided reading group.

**Hand a box to each student as a Common Core resource.

**Send a box home for extra review for a student that needs extra practice.

**Use this resource during family reading night.

Or more!

A student recording sheet and answer key are both included. Four cards are on each page for easy printing.

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