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Muscle That Causes Pain In Shoulder & Back

Muscle That Causes Pain In Shoulder & Back

Muscle That Causes Pain In Shoulder & Back

Wow you know this worked so well I’m going to do this daily – I never figured it out but I make jewerly and of course I put my head and neck/back (hunched) forward and make jewerly so if you have any suggestions for my future of making jewerly please share as this is a hobby and really don’t want to stop. You’re a miracle worker for me because the ease throughout today after taking all of your advise the pain went from a constant 10 to a 3 and diffinitly will continue.

Great advise!!! I have one more question I don’t mind standing when making my jewelry infact I’d rather stand than sit but what do you suggest so that I keep my muscles happy. 50% stand, 50% sit or 100% stand, 100% sit. I appreciate your suggestions. I have been doing the “noodle” stretch as well as the shoulder squeezes and arm stretches.

Thank you and you are welcome. The more different positions you use, the happier your muscles will be. One way of standing comfortably while your are working (or washing dishes) is to place one foot on a little stool or step. Switch feet from time to time. And keep taking lots of stretch breaks.

I am in desperate need for an advice as to what to do with my back ache. I am in my late twenties and very very active. I never sit down to rest, I exercise a lot (running, jump rope, cross trainer) and also stretch and foam roll every day and do yoga (or at least I used to do all this before my back problems). Thinking about it I have been having a mild back pain on and off for a few months prior but nothing too worrying until about two months ago when my back pain was so severe that I could not stand up in one place for longer than a minute. I have seen my GP and a Physiotherapist who said that it is a muscle spasm from my lower back that also engages my upper back muscles. When I stand up in one place for a few minutes I can feel the muscles in my back tightening everywhere and burning between my shoulder blades. the pain depends on what position I am in but doing the foam roller I can feel strong pain around the kidney area and also the upper back (basically, my whole back). I have done a few sessions of acupuncture, manual release from physio and massage with wood lock, I stretch every day, I have decreased my exercises almost to nothing, I started to use the tennis ball as suggested in some of the articles, I have been taking ibuprofen, I rest, try to breathe into the pain area and nothing so far has brought a significant relief. I just don’t know what the problem is. I seem to be ok while walking and jogging ( I love running and now being so worried about this I am starting to feel depressed as I am not doing much exercising at all). The spasm seems to be worst in the morning when I spend at least an hour of stretching and still don’t feel much relief. The physiotherapist said that this is due to overuse of the back muscles, so I tried a few days of rest and then a bit of exercise and I somehow end up in the same curled up position. I have now read most articles online and feel helpless as I am so young and in so much debilitating pain. I am willing to try anything that might be helpful. Do you have any suggestions as to what else I can do or what exactly could be causing all this?

I thought it may be due to bad posture (I tend to hunch) but the physiotherapist said that she doesn’t think that it is my posture. I also thought it might be some electrolyte imbalance but I do eat every healthy and have also started taking multivitamins.

Thank you again for your response. I will try to see my GP today and will keep you updated!

You are the best! Thank you so much for this! I am so grateful for your article. Lying on the tennis ball and all I can think to say is Thank you!

Hi Amanda, You’re welcome. And thank you for taking action and getting rid of the knots in your back.

Hi Anon, You’re welcome. I hope it will end up being an easy fix. Looking forward to your update.

I’ve been having severe back pain between my shoulder blades lately. I never thought it could be how I’m sleeping. Thanks for the tips. I also spend way too much time on my iPhone, looking down. I’m willing to change that if it brings relief. I had already considered posture might be the problem. Thank you for your insights.

Question: Can severe allergies and sinus congestion contribute to neck and back pain?

Hi Chris, If your allergies or sinus issues cause you to place your head and neck in ‘unusual’ positions, or if you allow your head to fling forward when blowing your nose or sneezing, then I’m voting yes: Your allergies and sinus congestion could contribute to neck and upper back pain. Keeping your head in a neutral standing, sitting and sleeping position and stabilizing your head when sneezing can help, if that’s the case.

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Me suffering from the same triggered pains since last 12 years. Might be bad sleeping posture at the same time excessive computer usage(postural problem). Not even releived by pressures, massages and even medication. Though temporary relief from Diclofenac Sodium or Methyl Salycilates. Not relieved completely. Sometimes, I couldn’t sleep at all due to intense pain. I belief tennis ball therapy shall be of no use to me. However, shall try. Any other option is welcomed

[…] Burning Pain Between Your Spine and Shoulder Blade … – There is a large upper back muscle that can cause burning pain between your shoulder blades. Discover how you can treat that muscle yourself…. […]

Muscle That Causes Pain In Shoulder & Back

Do you have burning pain on both sides of your spine? Does it look like the red pain pattern on the right side of the picture? It may be the trapezius muscle. As you see, there is one on each half of your body.

The trapezius muscles can cause pain on the tops of the shoulders, near the spine, on the inner side of the shoulder blade toward the spine and even on the back of your skull!

This picture shows trigger points. The trigger points are the X‘s. Those are the places to apply pressure (approximately) in order to get rid of the red areas. The red areas indicate painful areas.

If your shoulder pain pattern is approximately where any of the the red is in the picture, applying pressure to the appropriate X may help get rid of the pain between your spine and shoulder blade!

Here are directions for using tennis ball therapy to apply pressure to get rid of the burning pain in your back. I prefer to lie on the ball and let gravity work. Just lie on the most tender place for about 5 minutes. By then you should notice you feel the tennis ball less. That means your muscles are relaxing. Then find the next spot and repeat.

Or you could have a skilled massage therapist release your trapezius muscles along with any others that are causing pain in your back.

And here’s a little video that will give you an idea of how to use tennis ball therapy when you are standing: Back Pain Relief Video It will also give you a laugh and laughter is good medicine.

How did the trapezius muscle get aggravated? Perhaps it was the way you slept or worked one day. Maybe you held or propped your head in a forward, downward position that strained the muscles along your spine.

Or maybe you have ‘forward head’ posture. That means you slouch and your heavy head pulls on the muscles in your upper back. They don’t like that so they complain.

It’s important that you learn how to correct your posture if that’s the case. There is a video in the Knots In Your Back program that will help you do just that easily.

Now you know what to do to get rid of the burning pain between your shoulders naturally when it’s caused by trigger points in your trapezius muscles.

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