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How to measure portion control with a chart

How to measure portion control with a chart

How to measure portion control with a chart

Ooh, I love this post! So true, and all the little charts are incredibly helpful!

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: ) Agreed!

How many oz do they mini neon containers hold?

They vary; some are 4, some are 6, and some are 12 : ) xo


This is exactly what I needed !!!

SO TRUE. I always order off the kids menu when I go out to eat. Our eyes really are bigger than our stomachs. IAwesome post.

Me too : )))

This was so eye opening to me and now feel like I can visualize what I am eating and how much! Love you your blog, keeps me motivated!

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Thanks Angela! <3

Yup. It’s really the basics that count, and without portion control and/or keeping a food log, nothing else is going to work. Speaking of that, my weight has crept up a little— it’s time for me to keep a food log for a while. It helps me the most to do that with a friend– I can always find someone who’s up for sending our food logs to each other for a few weeks to keep us honest. That’s what I do from time to time when I need to lose a few pounds.

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MyFitnessPal app is fab ; ) xo

great article…..

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Very helpful little visuals! Portion control is definitely the biggest issue for most people, I think. Also – the cake portion pan? Brilliant!!!

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It is very hard to eat like a child when u been pigging out all your life lol

“Parents are the ones who begins these bad habits. To be fair, all we want is for our children to be well nourished. But when we encumber the whole day’s nutritional requirement into just three mealtimes, and the child does not have an appetite at a particular meal, that we, are determined to be finished preparing, then that child will clean that plate of the cabbage/ broccoli/ tuna casserole!

We carry those “values” along with us today. We look at food on a plate as “work to be done.” It isn’t. It’s the food we get to enjoy at this time, with more food enjoyment to come in a little while. There is no need to load up a plate with a large portion, and there is certainly no need to consume it all! We are only in control when we set our own portions.”

Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “200 calories Every 2 hours.” iBooks. https://itun.es/us/9RSzW.l

Hi, Lauryn. Thanks for sharing this.

btw since 1960, the size of the average dinner plate has increased from 7-9 inches to 11-12 inches…

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How to measure portion control with a chart Oh, portion control…you’re such a little bitch! No one really wants to actually deal with you…

Unfortunately & fortunately, these charts tell it like it is. Because frankly, it’s not rocket science…

If you exhibit portion control at least 80% of the time, you’re in the clear. Here are some portion control tips I practice…

+ Use miso soup-sized bowls [ I live & die by these Antropologie cuties– they’re seriously the perfect size for everything ]

+ Cake obsessed? I’m in la, la, love with this pre-portioned cake pan.

+ These little dimes are colorful, mini Tupperware containers to keep you from overeating…no brainer.

+ The Measure Up Bowl Set from Target provides exact measurements in an easy, chic way.

+ Sweet tooth tip: to size your frozen yogurt, ice cream, whatever, fill one cupcake liner with a kitchen scooper. Yeeeup. That’s a serving.

+ Because who doesn’t love pasta? This portion control pasta basket is genius.

Start with baby steps: instead of licking the plate clean tonight, practice portion control & moderation. Leaving some morsels of food on the plate is not going to kill you. In the long run, it will help you ; ).

How to measure portion control with a proper chart How to measure portion control Portion control measuring cups

Original article and pictures take http://theskinnyconfidential.com/2012/08/28/ignorance-is-not-bliss-get-real-and-practice-portion-control/ site

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