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Frozen Eucalyptus Towels

Frozen Eucalyptus Towels

Frozen Eucalyptus Towels

I could have used these today. My daughter and I did the lawn which included pulling weeds and cutting down my two dead rose bushes :( It was so hot!! We took many breaks in which we drank gatorade (I don’t like it, but it really did help)> My way of staying cool is by staying in the air condition or at the pool.

Sounds like a productive day!

What a wonderful idea. Yes..It’s been very hot in Washington. Leavenworth is 101 at least. I was thinking this might be great as well for a feverish forehead in the flu season. I make a eucalyptus rub for chest and noses and this will be a nice addition.

I love this idea and better than just a wet one… I am going to try some with Peppermint Essential oil.

Is there a reason for specifically using eucalyptus EO? I have it, but generally only use it for breathing issues.

I was simply recreating these awesome towels that we had in Key West. I’m not sure what their reasoning was for choosing Eucalyptus other than the fact that it smells amazing.

For headache and migraine relief

To enjoy, place the frozen towel on your face, head, or wherever you need a bit of cooling. It is recommended to use it rolled up and slowly unroll it as it thaws, rather than trying to open it up right away,

Three years ago, Brad and I ended up in Key West unexpectedly for a week. Long story short – make sure your passport isn’t expired before you check in for an international flight. We got into the Key West airport and I sat on my phone trying to figure out where we would be staying for the next week. We ended up at The Reach which was a GORGEOUS hotel. Every afternoon, the workers at the pool and beach would bring around frozen eucalyptus towels which felt amazing in the sweltering sun (did I mention this was middle of July?).

Seattle is in an unusual heat-wave currently and it made me think back to those towels and how nice they would feel. They are really easy to make, just take a bit of patience.

First, start with some washcloths. I raided my linen closet and grabbed both washcloths and a couple bar mop towels.

Next, put a couple cups of water in a container (I used a rectangular Rubbermaid). Add about 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the water and stir.

One at a time, submerge the towel in the water-oil mixture, and squeeze out the excess liquid. Fold in half then roll it up.

Place on a cookie sheet in a single layer and place them in the freezer.

Freeze until solid (it took mine a couple hours).

To enjoy, place the frozen towel on your face, head, or wherever you need a bit of cooling. I found that it is better to use it rolled up and slowly unroll it as it thaws as opposed to trying to open it up right away because the coolness lasted longer that way. I found that they were best enjoyed along side a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

How do you stay cool during heat waves?

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