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Cold Remedy Hot Toddy

Cold Remedy Hot Toddy

Cold Remedy Hot Toddy

This is perfect timing, as I’m nursing a cold at the moment. I could go for about 2 BIG mugs of this delicious looking hot toddy!

I hope it helps! Or at least keeps you happier while not feeling good :)

Oh man! If I wasn’t still pregnant I so would have done this, I just got over a nasty head cold!

Oh congrats lady! I didn’t know you were pregnant. That is awesome! Way better than being able to drink this :)

Yep, I’m 37 weeks! So I am almost there! :)

<3 <3 <3

Ohhh, I am so excited about this! Well, I prefer we do not get sick, but at least I can enjoy myself if that time comes!

Yes! And it’s pretty tasty even if you’re not sick :)

Knock on wood I haven’t gotten sick recently, but totally saving this for when it happens!

I hope you don’t too!

Oh I bet that’s an instant mood lifter when you’re sick!

Yes! Thanks Sylvie :)

I might have to pretend I’m sick just so I can justify drinking one of these in the middle of the day. :) Gorgeous photos!

I like the way you think!

I totally love this. Homemade remedies are the best!!


Great idea!


Those glasses are beyond beautiful! Where can I buy these?

Hi Kacie! I got them from West Elm. The brand is called Bodum.

Thanks! I can’t wait to make a Hot Toddy in these glasses!

They’re a great way to drink classy coffee too LOL!

I am not much of a cook either but I do have a nasty head and chest cold. I have Ginger powder and used some in my toddy. Could you tell me what crystalized Ginger is? I am more a wine drinker so this is not as tasty as I would like but I wonder if the crystalized Ginger would make it taste better. Thanks.

The best way to get better is with a COLD REMEDY HOT TODDY! Plus it’s delicious and must tastier than cough syrup!

It’s cold and flu season! I get a killer head cold EVERY SINGLE WINTER. If I have to choose between drinking a cap-full of grape flavored cough syrup, or drinking this Cold Remedy Hot Toddy, I think you know what I’m choosing. Yes, Dimetapp seemed to taste pretty good as a kid, but this mix of whiskey, hot water, honey, ginger and lemon juice is just what the doctor ordered for all of us over the age of 21. It’s soothing, delicious, and super easy. I don’t recommend it as an actual cure, but it sure does seem to help.

Sometimes when I feel so sick and disgusting and lazy, and the only words being exchanged at our house are “bless you” and “leave me alone”,

This is the only drink that gets me through. This and a nice bowl of soup. You understand.

I’m no doctor, and I definitely don’t claim that this will take the place of real medicine, BUT I do think it will make you feel better. Or at least make you think you feel better? Being sick is no excuse for not enjoying yourself! In fact, this is a comforting cocktail whether or not you’re stricken with the winter cold and flu blues. We don’t discriminate.


Original article and pictures take http://www.thecookierookie.com/cold-remedy-hot-toddy/ site

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