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8 quick and easy fat burning tricks

8 quick and easy fat burning tricks

8 quick and easy fat burning tricks

Great advice x

Brilliant advice , going to start now !

Since giving up martial arts seven years ago (was it that long ago?) I have been neglecting my stretches, I used to be able to, almost do the splits, I could touch my toes without warming up, and touch my knees with my fore head, I do circuits, but they not cover the different muscle groups in your legs and, er, bum, or give you enough time to relax into a stretch (I just end doing my own thing usually) Looking to doing pilates or yoga

I'd just like to add another suggestion. Take your time eating your meals, pause - putting down the cutlery....

It might be your wish to get lighter and fitter through running, so here are a few of our top tips to help keep you on track and achieve your weight loss goals.

Here are the Running Bug's 8 quick and easy fat burning tricks.

What are your top weight loss tips? Share them here.

1. Keep a food, mood and training diary

Write down what you eat, how you feel, how much sleep you get – then after a few weeks look back and see where you can make the changes. Be really honest with yourself, and you will realise there are areas you can change easily if you are aware.

2. Eat little and often

Aim to eat little (small portions) and often. Try to have five different colours on your plate and a mix of complex carbohydrates, quality protein, good fats and lots of vegetables or fruit. Avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates and processed foods as much as possible, supplement with quality protein to aid recovery as required.

3. Always have breakfast

Kick start your metabolism with the perfect breakfast for runners and try to eat little after 8pm and be in bed by 11pm with the TV switched off. The best time for quality sleep through your Circadian Pattern is between 10pm and 6am.

4. Do a little every day

Try to do at least 20-30 mins of moving each day – brisk walking is the best and easiest to increase your heart rate, metabolic rate and fat burn.

5. Plan in advance

Plan your quality run sessions each week into your diary - mix up endurance, speed and strength. Every 4th or 6th week have an easy recovery week to increase motivation, allow adaption and recovery of the muscles.

6. Watch your snacks

Sugars, crisps and alcohol will add up really quickly and destabilise your blood sugars, causing you to eat more and have less energy. Try to snack on vegetables, hummus, yoghurt or protein shakes.

7. Work on your tone

Make sure you do one or two weights and core strength sessions per week to give you muscle tone and increase your metabolic rate (and fat burn) at rest. Plan at least two quality foam roller and stretching sessions to avoid any injuries and increase the mobility of your joints, muscles and fascial lines.

8. Feel better about yourself

Learn to develop mental strength, confidence and a positive self-identity – focus on what you want, and forget what you do not want…

What are your top weight loss tips? Share them here

Original article and pictures take http://therunningbug.co.uk/training-advice/get-fit/get-fitter/b/weblog/archive/2013/03/26/8-quick-and-easy-fat-burning-tricks.aspx site

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