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75 DIY Essential Oil Beauty Recipes from Head to Toe

75 DIY Essential Oil Beauty Recipes from Head to Toe

75 DIY Essential Oil Beauty Recipes from Head to Toe

I love this!! Such a perfect beauty guide! I’m soo gonna try that no frizz hair whip! It looks amazing! Thank you for sharing these awesome tips!!

xoxo Adriana

Daily Dose of Design

I love your posts and this one is super informative. Thanks for going to all this trouble to put such great tips together. Glad you joined us again at #AnythingGoes and see you next week.

What a great post I really enjoyed reading today! While I was familiar with essential oils I also learn something new! I love using food grade essential oils in cooing and baking! They work great in keeping mosquitoes away too!

Great list. I try to do things natural all the time because some of these products out here today have to many things in it. I tried the oatmeal scrub and my face looked and felt great.

These recipes are fantastic! I just got into essential oils for their health benefits, and I had absolutely no idea you could do so many things with them. You’ve got all of these beauty ideas, and then I read about cleaning house with some of them. Essential oils are great.

Thank you so much for compiling all these in one post. Essential oils deliver many health and beauty benefits and I love using them. It would be great to make your own beauty products. I will have to try some of the recipes.

I am obsessed with my essential oils and always looking for new recipes to try! Thanks for sharing!

Wow what a great list! We love using essential oils in our house for a whole range of things. So I’ll definitely be pinning this list for later

I absolutely love anything DIY and I’ve been exploring the benefits of essential oils. What a great post to come across today. I will definitely be using some of these recipes. Thanks for sharing!

I haven’t used any essential oils rather than for aromatherapy in the room. This is a great compiled list for all the recipes of making your own essential oils. I am especially thrilled and excited to try out making deodorants and body spray/cologne because the scent would be more unique and personal.

Such a great post. I love essential oils even though I only have a few staples, I find myself using them all the time!

Guh! Essential oils have so many uses it’s amazing. I love putting a little lavender on my pillow for sleep, and splashing tea tree/lemon around the house before people come over.

The cooling peppermint toner sounds so refreshing on my face. I love to use essential oil to do lots of things from cleaning, making my house smell good, and even face cream. I love peppermint oil the most but also use lavender and tea tree a lot.

Great list! It’s amazing how many things essential oils are good for! I love to use them for household cleaning. I have to check out some of the things\u200b on this list. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for including my recipe for the DIY dandruff treatment. Sharing!

Great list, the only essential oil we typically use is lavendar oil. We add it to the kids soaps, and lotions before bedtime to help them sleep. I am going to look at the list and see what else could work for our family.

Today I would like to share some amazing essential oil beauty recipes which I have collected from some fabulous bloggers! This post contains 75 DIY recipes which include:








Personal Hygiene

& more!

I hope you enjoy these wonderful recipes! I look forward to hearing which ones you will make!

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for your Face

Facial Masks

Homemade Restorative Face Mask from View From The Fridge

Anti-Aging Face Mask from Freebie Finding Mom

Skin Care & Sun

DIY Natural Sunscreen from Sarah Titus

DIY Sunburn Relief from My Naturally Crazy Life

Makeup & Remover

DIY 2 in 1 Makeup Remover from My Naturally Crazy Life

DIY Bronzing Lotion Stick from Sarah Titus

How to Make Makeup Remover Pads from Premeditated Leftovers

Moisturizers, Serums & Wrinkle Cream

DIY Miracle Moisturizer from Life Could Be A Dream

Homemade Wrinkle Cream from Frugal Coupon Living

DIY Homemade Facial Serum from Live Simply

Anti-Winkle Eye Cream from Blooming in Bedlam


Cooling Peppermint Toner from Homemade Mommy

DIY Witch Hazel Facial Toner from Life with Lovebugs

DIY Face Wash- Facial Cleanser for All Skin Types from Don’t Mess with Mama

Homemade Foaming Face Wash from Homemade Mommy

Facial Scrubs

Homemade Coconut Lavender Moisturizing Face Exfoliator from Pins and Procrastination

Lavender Oatmeal Facial Scrub from Amaranth And Kale

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for your Lips

Vanilla Peppermint Lip Gloss from Stephanie Blue

DIY Buttery Lip Gloss from Butter Nutrition

Homemade Lemon Lavender Lip Balm from Dr. Axe

DIY Lip Gloss from Sarah Titus

DIY Essential Oil Lip Scrub from Painted Teacup

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for Your Hands



Homemade Cuticle Oil Recipe from Freebie Finding Mom

Nail Pampering DIY from Confessions of and Overworked Mom

Healing Cuticle Balm from Garden Therapy

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for Your Feet

Peppermint Foot Cream from Little House Living

Essential Oil Foot Soak from The Domestic Heart

Cooling & Comforting Shea Butter Foot Balm from Blooming in Bedlam

DIY Lavender & Lime Pedicure Kit from View From The Fridge

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for the Bath

Green Tea and Peppermint Bath Soak from Six Dollar Family

DIY Fizzy Bath Bombs from Sarah Titus

DIY Lavender Bath Salts from Don’t Mess with Mama

Essential Oil Bath Soak from That Mama Gretchen

Homemade Milk Bath with Essential Oils from Premeditated Leftovers

Homemade Bubble Bath from Make And Takes

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for Your Skin


Silky, Fluffy Chemical Free Shaving Cream from Everyday Roots

DIY After Shave from Little Miss Dexterous

Shaving Soap for Him from Make And Takes


Gentle Lavender Honey Scrub from Shaken Together

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Bars from Happy Mothering

DIY Grapefruit Cellulite Scrub + Body Oil from Hello Natural

Soothing Coconut Oil Epsom Salt Scrub from Veggie Converter

Lotions, Butters & Creams

How to Make Homemade Lotion Bars from Stephanie Blue

Shea Body Butter from Love + Cupcakes

DIY Whipped Body Butter from Mama Dweeb

Homemade Stretch Mark Cream from Freebie Finding Mom

Key Lime Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter from The Nourished Life

All Natural Belly Balm from Thank Your Body

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Lotion from Pins and Procrastination

Tummy Tuck Cream from Put The Lime In The Coconut

Body Wash

Moisturizing Body Wash with Lavender and Coconut Milk from Shaken Together

Chemical Free Moisturizing Body Wash from Inspire Beauty Tips

All Natural Moisturizing Almond Body Wash from Blooming in Bedlam

Easy Homemade Shower Gel from Homemade Mommy

DIY Men’s Body Wash Made with Essential Oils from Mrs. Wright Writes

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for Personal Hygiene


Homemade Non-toxic Citrus Deodorant from Real Food RN

Super Simple DIY Spray Deodorant from Kula Mama

Easy Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin from Homemade Mommy

Body Spray, Perfume & Cologne

DIY Grapefruit-Lavender Body Spray from Gimme Some Oven

Easy DIY Solid Citrus Perfume from Oh, The Things We’ll Make

Homemade Men’s Cologne from Dr. Axe

Essential Oil Beauty Recipes for Your Hair


DIY Organic Lemon Coconut Shampoo from Essentially Eclectic

Homemade Lavender Rosemary Shampoo from Premeditated Leftovers

DIY Dry Shampoo from Sarah Titus


Hair Styling

Homemade No-Frizz Hair Styling Whip from Homemade Mommy

DIY Hair Detangling Spray with Essential Oils from Making Lemonade

Hair Care

Essential Oil Hair Growth Spray from Drea Wood

Soothing Scalp Mask for Dandruff, Dryness & Irritation from Pins and Procrastination

DIY Hair Mask from Making Lemonade

DIY Rosemary Infused Coconut Oil Dandruff Treatment from Naturally Loriel

Now it is time to get your DIY on! Which recipes are you going to make first?

Original article and pictures take http://www.paintedteacup.com/2015/08/09/75-diy-essential-oil-beauty-recipes/ site

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