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6 ways quitting sugar can change your life

6 ways quitting sugar can change your life

6 ways quitting sugar can change your life

I am seriously going to start this I Quit Sugar way of eating, well I'm trying to @ the moment, eating veg, salad, protein, no fruit, no white stuff, no cake etc.

My only problem is my morning coffee, I have cut down to one per day, no sugar, I'm using stevia instead & also full cream milk.

Will using the milk interfere with the IQS way?

Not at all, Marj. Full-fat dairy products are fine to have. :-)

As the program starts in spring, should I be choosing the winter or summer program?

Hi Janelle, it really comes down to personal preference. The Summer Meal Plan is designed for warmer climates, while the Winter Meal Plan is heartier and warming.

When people make the decision to get healthy, often it’s unnecessarily overcomplicated. Gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, low-carb, low-fat, alkaline…

But what if we told you that cutting down on sugar (and therefore cutting down processed foods) was the simplest and fastest way to good health?

Well, the evidence seems to point that way. When you quit sugar with our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program you will not only break the iron grip of sugar addiction, but reduce your risk of many health conditions strongly linked to the white stuff, like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease. Here are just six amazing health benefits of quitting sugar.

Do the benefits of quitting sugar sound too good to be true? Check out these real-life testimonials and discover them for yourself!

We originally published this article in January 2016. We updated it in October 2016

Original article and pictures take https://iquitsugar.com/benefits-of-quitting-sugar-infographic/?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_content=8WP8-6-health-benefits-quitting-sugar-infographic-Pinterest&utm_campaign=8WP8 site

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