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5 workout favorites, to get that pre-holiday body back!

5 workout favorites, to get that pre-holiday body back!

5 workout favorites, to get that pre-holiday body back!

Thanks for compiling all these! I really need to get my butt in gear.

Kelly recently posted…How to Develop a Bad Habit That Tastes So Good

Thank you for these GREAT tips!! This will help me get back on track!!

Great tips!! Thank you!!

My comment is you don’t mention how many reps?

Would be to know so I can follow.

Yours Sincerely,


I would like to know how many reps for each arm workout

Hey Rosie, If you click on the workout from iVillage it will show you the workouts a little more in detail. I looked for you, it is 15 reps per exercise.



Feeling like your 3 months preggo after all that amazing holiday feasting? Can’t quite zip up those skinny jeans yet? I know I need to whip myself into shape and I am already wanting to get my body ready for summer. I need a new swimsuit this year and I need to start NOW!! I go to the gym, but sometimes find myself making excuses to leave my warm house and get out my door. So I have compiled a list of 5 of my favorite AT HOME workouts for you that will help tone and slim down different areas of your body so you can feel great in your clothes again.

Workouts at Home#1-Legs:

Sadly I was born with “Mortenson Legs” which is a combination of slightly bulky knees and kankles. I am always trying ways to slim down those legs of mine.

This is a great 15 minute leg workout that I like to do before I get in the shower every morning. I find that if I schedule it before an everyday event, my shower, then I am more likely to get it done. I found this workout on Pinterest.


Thighs are always the first area I look at when I am face to face with a mirror in a swim suit.

Positive HealthWellness has a great quick step by step workout that gives you awesome thighs. Their workout is nice because it’s easy and can be done at home in your bedroom, in a hotel room while your traveling or with a friend at the gym. Not to mention the rest of this article that is super comprehensive to get rid of cellulite!

#3- Arms:

If your like me you covet sexy arms like Jen Aniston’s. Funny thing is, when I gain weight, instead of the gaining weight in my stomach or bum (or boobs…whouldn’t that be amazing) I gain weight in my face and arms first. I”m weird like that.

I love this arm toning excersize from iVillage!! It is helping me in the arm department, now if I just could lay off the salty food maybe my face would slim down too.


Oh the Buns! I long for an amazing Brazilian booty. This workout from thehautebunny kicked. my. trash.

It’s hard. There are 9 different steps that you are suppose to do 3x through. You’ll feel it the next day, I promise!

#5- Love Handles:

This last one is 6 moves to crunch away fat and tone your obliques. It is found on Mens Health but isn’t just for the menfolk.

I noticed that after each baby I gained more and more to grab on my sides. I also feel that love handles make you feel the worst, pants look bad, dresses don’t lay right. Your self esteem grows as those non flattering muffin tops melt away.

So there you have it. My 5 favorite easy, at home workouts. And because I am trying to be better at running and you should too…

HERE is a link to a list of 100 songs to get your heart rate up when running! Enjoy

Original article and pictures take http://makingtheworldcuter.com/2013/01/workouts-at-home/ site

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