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41 Awesome Uses For Mouthwash In Your Home

41 Awesome Uses For Mouthwash In Your Home

41 Awesome Uses For Mouthwash In Your Home

Have a bit of extra mouthwash laying around? Don’t we all. My wife seems to buy the stuff by the barrel. Luckily there are tons of things you can use it for around the house.

We’ve seen articles before that claim to list all of the various uses for mouthwash but they always seem to be leaving a few options off the table. That’s why we decided to go through and find every conceivable use for your leftover oral rinse. Keep in mind that with all of these examples, we’re referring to an alcohol based mouthwash, not an alcohol free mouthwash. While alcohol free options can be fantastic for your oral health, the alcohol content is what makes mouthwash such a useful substance.

So, without any further ado, here’s our list of 41 uses for your extra mouthwash. Take a look at this list below for a bit of MacGyver-like household inspiration!


Help Kill Germs Around the House: Need to clean a nasty bit of grime somewhere in your house? Get out your bottle of mouthwash and give it a quick scrub down. It’ll help break up the gunk and make that cleaning job way easier.

Hand Sanitizer: If you’ve run low on hand sanitizer mouthwash makes a great substitute. It won’t be nearly as effective as standard hand sanitizer due to the lower alcohol concentration though, so make sure you replace it as soon as you can!

Toilet Cleaner: Mouthwash can be a great way to clean your toilet in a bit of a pinch. Bleach will have the best results though, so make sure this isn’t a habit you get yourself into.

Clean Tiles and Remove Grime: The alcohol in mouthwash is fantastic for helping to break up areas of gunk and grime, especially that stuff in the corner of the bathtub. Dab some on your sponge for the best results.

Clean a Humidifier, CamelBack Pouches: If you’ve got anything with small tubes or hard to reach places, using a bit of mouthwash can be a fantastic way to clean it out. This applies to humidifiers, water flossers, CamelBacks, etc.

Clean Your Toothbrush: If you don’t have a fancy toothbrush sanitizer or you’re worried that there’s a bit of toilet spray making it over to the head of your toothbrush, give it dunk in some mouthwash. Leave it there for a few minutes to get all those nasty germs off.

Glass Cleaner: Fresh out of Windex? Mix a bit of mouthwash in with some water and use a spray bottle to clean the smudges off of your glass.

Clean Your Water Bottle: Good luck trying to fit your hand inside your water bottle to clean it out. Use some mouthwash to rinse it out so you can use it again. The environment and your wallet will thank you!

Clean Your Razor: If you’re not regularly cleaning your razor, you should be. Let the blade soak in some Listerine for a few minutes to make sure everything gets killed off.

Clean Your Retainer: Retainer cleaning supplies can be expensive. Instead of spending the extra money, just get some generic mouthwash and let your retainer soak for a little while. Next time you pop it in it’ll feel clean and refreshing.

Clean Television, Computer Screens: Use a bit of Listerine to wash the fingerprints off of your computer screen or TV (don’t do this with LCD’s though!).


Cure Acne: If you’re having a bit of an outbreak, use a cotton ball to dab a bit of mouthwash on the problem area. It’ll help dry things out and cure up any acne in a jiffy.

Get Rid of Dandruff: Run a small bit of mouthwash through your scalp. Then rinse it out with shampoo to help rid yourself of dandruff.

Keep Bruises from Darkening: If you just got a bruise, dab the affected area with a bit of mouthwash. Do this a few times a day for two or three days afterwards and it’ll help to keep your bruise from darkening up.

Aftershave Lotion: If you’re in a pinch for some aftershave lotion, use some mouthwash instead. It’ll burn a bit, but you’ll live. And you’ll smell great.

Facial Astringent: Apply using a small cotton ball. This should work in place of any normal toner.


Help Flowers Live Longer: You only need a very tiny bit of this for it to work. Just toss in a small bit of Listerine with the water you’re using to water your flowers with and you’ll be good to go.

Rescue Struggling Plants: A mixture of one part mouthwash and three parts water works wonders for this. Put it in a spray bottle and apply.

Remove Plant Fungus: If your plant is having problems with fungus, apply a bit of mouthwash to the problem areas. This works best if you can dab a bit on a q-tip and specifically apply to the spots where fungus is growing.


Sooth Itchy Skin: Applying a bit of mouthwash to itchy areas will help to reduce inflammation and encourage blood flow. This will keep things from being itchy and also clear up the problem area faster.

Help Aching Feet: Add a cup of mouthwash in your foot bath to help those aching feet. It’ll help your feet feel softer, refreshed and renewed!

Help Smelly Feet: Have problems with smelly feet? Rinse them off with some mouthwash to help kill the bacteria that causes the stench. You can either do this with a foot bath (as described above) or just get a wash cloth and throw some Listerine on there. Either one should do the trick.

Cure Toenail Fungus: Mix up one part Listerine and two parts water for the best results. Dip your feet in and say goodbye to toenail fungus!

Treat Lice, Ticks: Having problems with nasty little critters in your hair? Soak your hair in Listerine for and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it sit for up to two hours for the best results. Then wash your hair with shampoo as you normally would.

Reduce Infection from Piercings: Just got a new piercing? Dab just a bit of Listerine on there to keep it from getting infected. Make sure to do this a few times a day for about three or four days after getting the piercing.

Treat a Sore Throat: Gargling a bit of mouthwash or salt water will help to keep the back of your throat clean if you’ve got a sore throat. If you can, warm it up just a bit for maximum soothing power.

Help Cure Colds: Similar to the tip above, regularly gargling mouthwash can help keep your throat clean of infections bacteria. This can help to prevent colds as well as help to cure them faster.

First Aid

Clean Cuts and Scrapes: Ideally you’ll want to use a true cleaning agent (alcohol content 60%+) to disinfect a wound, but if you’re fresh out a bit of mouthwash will do. Just make sure to refill before the next injury!

Help Treat Blisters: Dab some oral rinse on a blister to make sure it doesn’t get infected. This will help to dry the blister out as well. It’ll burn a bit though, so prepare yourself.

Relieve Poison Ivy and Bug Bites: Apply just a bit of mouthwash to poison ivy and it’ll help to relieve the inflammation.

Help Heal a Toothache: Got a toothache? Dab a bit of mouthwash on there. It’ll help to disinfect the wound and keep things from getting worse before you see the dentist.


Get Rid of Bad Smells: Having problems with a nasty odor? Mouthwash is perfect for this because it not only kills stuff but it smells pretty good too.

Get Rid of Onion and Garlic Smell on Your Hands: If you’re cutting up some onions or garlic, wash them off with some oral rinse to get rid of the smell.

Deodorant: Dip a small cotton ball in some mouthwash and apply it to your armpit in a pinch. It’ll help kill the smell and keep things from getting worse for a little while.

Deter Cats from Peeing: Cats can smell thousands of times better than humans and the potent smell of Listerine will scare them off. Dab a bit of it in whatever you want them to stop peeing on and they should stay far away. Make sure to reapply daily or else it’ll wear off.

Freshen Your Garbage: Got a smelly garbage can? Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to take it out if there’s only a little bit. Soak a paper towel in some mouthwash and throw it in the bottom to keep it from smelling.

Laundry Sanitizer: Throw a cup of oral rinse in with your laundry to kill the extra bacteria. Also, add a bit more and run a full cycle to kill off any mold growth.

Ward of Ants, Mosquitos: Ants and mosquitos aren’t partial to alcohol, so this works well for warding off small, unwanted critters.

Freshen Up Your Dog: This works great if you haven’t had the time to give your dog a full bath. It doesn’t replace a bath altogether though, so don’t do this too often!

Kill Fruit Flies: Pour some Listerine down the drain to kill any colonies of fruit flies that may be living down there.

Rinsing Your Mouth Out: Believe it or not, mouthwash is actually fantastic at helping you kill germs and bacteria in your mouth! Who would have ever thought?

Wrap Up

Mouthwash is an incredibly useful thing to have laying around. Next time you’re at the store, pick up an extra container. Also, pick up all that stuff you were using it as a replacement for!

Original article and pictures take http://oradyne.net/41-awesome-uses-mouthwash-home/#Wrap_Up site

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