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4 killer exercise moves to burn fat. No equipment needed.

4 killer exercise moves to burn fat. No equipment needed.

4 killer exercise moves to burn fat. No equipment needed.

You can find ways to perform a complete workout with no equipment or gym. Using your body is a great way to lose fat, gain muscle and keep fit. Sharing 4 killer bodyweight exercises that don’t require machines, weights or a pull-up bar. We took classic bodyweight moves and intensified them to work the entire body at home. These moves are great for busting through a plateau or challenging your body in a new way.

We love finding ways to move our bodies to create more challenge in our workouts. Today, we’ve picked 4 killer moves that require no equipment. You must include these into your home workouts. Purely Fit Sisters get ready we will be adding these into your new workouts coming to the club.

We love using weights in our weekly workouts to burn fat and build muscle but we also like to challenge the body differently with just bodyweight.

Mule kicks are a tough move all on their own. We added in a kick though at the bottom to the work the core and arms even more. This move is great at targeting your shoulders and lats while adding explosiveness.

Burpee and dive bombers are both challenging moves… today we are putting them together to kick your butt. We made the burpees harder by adding in the dive bomber instead of a normal push-up. This truly is a full body exercise that burns calories better than any cardio. It is great for muscle definition of the arms, chest, abs and legs.

Lunges are a classic lower body exercise and we upped them by adding in a hop. We love lunges because they focus on the glutes and hamstrings. Adding in the hop increases the intensity.

You know we love our planks. We again increased the intensity of standard plank by adding in a knee to elbow move with tummy tuck and added in some stretching with a chest opener. This move will really target your abs and obliques along with your arms, shoulders and legs.

These 4 moves together really make up one killer bodyweight routine that targets the entire body.

Here are 4 of our favorite bodyweight moves to do at home with no equipment to get in shape. Ladies are you ready?

Grab your workout buddy and do this workout with us.

*Disclaimer: make sure to consult with your doctor before trying a new workout routine. If you feel any pain or discomfort while exercising, stop.

Equipment: none

Style of workout: bodyweight

Workout focus: full body

Make sure to leave us a comment down below sharing how you liked this workout. We love hearing from you. It’s motivation for us!

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These moves are not safe if you have diastasis, please see all of diastasis safe workouts here.

These moves are advanced. You can omit the jumping for the burpee and lunge hops. Go as far as you can in the knee to elbow push-up .

Looking for more beginner and low-impact style workouts make sure to check out these low impact workouts.

Mantra: I try every day to be a better version of myself.

We want you to focus on that you get up every day and try your very best. Don’t stress over being perfect (if you are a #ptinsider you would have seen more of our thoughts on this) .

On those days or moments when you feel like you are exhausted or things just don’t seem to be going well say this mantra.

Remind yourself that you are doing enough. That no one is perfect. We are all here just doing our best while learning to love our bodies more.

Thanks for working out with us today.

We hope you enjoyed it! Let us know what was your favorite move.

See you in the next workout.


Lori (and Michelle)

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