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10 Amazing Smoothie Recipes

10 Amazing Smoothie Recipes

10 Amazing Smoothie Recipes

Are you looking for ways to load up on your servings of fruits and vegetables? If you’re fatigued, have screaming children, and have a busy schedule, it’s easy to let healthy eating fall by the wayside. But drinking smoothies is a great way to pack in extra servings of healthy foods. Today we’re sharing some basic smoothie tips and some fabulous recipes we think you’ll love!

First, Tracy Russell from Incredible Smoothies provides a simple 5-step recipe that can be tweaked based on your preferences (or what’s lying around in your fridge). This recipe will get you three servings each of fruits and vegetables!

For the athletes among us, these Super Athlete Spinach Smoothies are a great way to refuel after a workout. Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, spinach, and fruit juice are combined to make you feel great after a hard effort!

If you like your smoothies sweet and refreshing, try this honey vanilla fruit smoothie. The green color is beautiful!

With just four ingredients (grapefruit, lemon, carrots, and ginger), this is simple and beautifully colored. It’s definitely not your mama’s ruby red.

This winter berry smoothie has just a few ingredients: mixed berries, cider, and honey (if you like to sweeten things up).

The point of this post was to show you easy ways to make smoothies. And while this recipe for triple berry frozen smoothies isn’t quite simple, it is beautiful. As an added bonus, the author gives tips for making smoothies ahead of time, then freezing them for your on-the-go needs. Be sure to check it out!

I originally went to this site to find the recipe for this delicious-looking green smoothie. The good news is it only has four ingredients and looks delicious. But there’s more good news: this page also has a recipe for a delicious mixed drink! Enjoy!

For a tropical twist, try this tropical fruit smoothie.

Here’s another tropical drink: the mango-coconut water smoothie.

I’ve always been a fan of the strawberry-kiwi combo. This strawberry-kiwi smoothie looks great!

Your turn: Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?

Looking For More Great Recipes?

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Original article and pictures take http://mylifeandkids.com/load-up-on-fruits-and-vegetables-with-smoothies/#_a5y_p=5168602 site

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